Sunday, January 20, 2008

A few related blogs

This blog is dedicated to reviewing free audiobooks and audio stories on the Internet. I know this isn't a totally original idea. So I thought I'd give a roundup of some similar blogs of note:
  • ReadEar reviews only Librivox books and tries not to comment on the reader(s), unless the reading is particularly great.
  • earideas rates audio of all sorts: podcasts, audiobooks, and other recordings.
  • SFFaudio focuses on science fiction, whether free or not.
  • Learn Out Loud catalogs, rates, and sells audio of all sorts, both free and pay.
  • The Best Media In Life is Free has reviews of ebooks, music, and some audiobooks, all free.
You'll note that each of these blogs focuses on a slightly different aspect of my goal, so I think I'm still providing a useful and unique service.

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Jesse said...

Cool idea for a blog! I'll be reading!