Friday, February 29, 2008

March comes in like a lion

I've finished my February-long run of short novels; next week it'll be back to reviews of one regular-length audiobook per week. I will have one exception, however. As you may have noticed, I've been running bonus reviews of short stories on some holidays. Since Good Friday and the normal date for St. Patrick's Day (though not the actual liturgical feast) fall on the same week, I'll have two short stories reviews that week: one Irish and one . . . let's just say it's Good Friday-related.

I'd like to thank all the blogs that have been sending traffic my way of late: largeheartedboy, venangago-go, Dogberry Patch and the aforementioned Read, Write, Now. has also been reprinting my science fiction audiobook reviews. Thanks, everybody, for spreading the word.

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Dittman said...

No, thank you for this great service! I've been telling all my students (I'm a English prof) about it. Keep up the good work!