Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Welcome, new readers

In the past few days, I've noticed a big spike in my traffic, mostly driven by links from SFFaudio. I'd like to extend a word of welcome to all those who have visited and added my feed to their RSS readers. I'll briefly introduce myself, then get out of the way.

I'm a voracious reader, both of audio and physical books. I tend to listen to books during my train commute and occasionally when I'm doing something mindless at work. If any of it matters to you, I'm male, American, white, and a scientist.

I don't finish audiobooks that I don't like, so my rating scale for the book or story is between 6 (good, but with flaws) and 10 (all-time favorite). I also don't continue to listen to readers I don't enjoy; I don't believe in complaining about recordings given away for free. I will, however, try to be descriptive about readings so that people who get really angry about silly voices or background hiss won't start listening to something they'll hate.

I aim for diversity in my reviews - mixing up different genres, different sources, different readers and authors from week to week. Every week, I publish a book review near the beginning of the week and a story review toward the end of the week, usually both in the same genre or theme. You can browse past reviews via the categories to the right. Feel free to suggest books and thanks for listening!

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