Friday, June 17, 2011

Book blogger hop

Book Blogger HopEvery week the Book Blogger Hop, hosted by Crazy for Books, asks a question, then encourages book blogger to see what others have written on the same subject. This week's question is

"How many books are currently on your To-Be-Read (TBR) pile?"

For me, the answer to this question depends on what you mean by a TBR pile. I have a list of over 400 books that I'd like to read. These are usually books I have heard about from others or seen on lists of book recommendations and have caught my interest. Having such a big list is useful, since it allows me to plan what I'll read next. When I'm at a large used bookstore or library, I no longer disappointed when my first choice isn't available, since I have plenty of other books to read.

I have a much smaller pile of books that are actually present in one way or another, whether that be audiobooks and ebooks that I've downloaded, but haven't started on yet or actual physical books on my shelves that I plan to read. I don't keep an actual list of these books, but I estimate it to be around twenty books. I like to have a few options on my phone to listen to or read when I'm stuck in a waiting room, and I always have some audiobook ready for the car. The actual physical pile of books is only two to three books sitting on my nightstand, waiting to be read.


Anony Mouse said...

My actual 'pile' consists of about 100 e-books that I have downloaded and ready for rainy days, and anywhere between 2 and 10 audiobooks on my iPod. My stash of things I'd like to read -eventually- amounts to hundreds of e-books and more hundreds of audiobooks, all bookmarked and ready for me to download whenever I want. :)

pussreboots said...

I count my want to reads separately from my to be reads. Come read my Book Blogger Hop post in which I discuss my TBR and coin a new way of measuring it.

Howard Sherman said...

I have way too many books on my TBR list and TBR pile. All told that comes to about sixty books.

Now here's the scary math: I read roughly one book per week - and sometimes two. But two to three books are being added to my TBR list every week.

Stressful, right?


Hop on over to my blog - and find out why.

Howard Sherman

Lauren B said...

I keep track of my TBR on Shelfari.
Thanks for stopping by.
Enjoy your weekend.

Elizabeth said...

I like how you did your answer...thanks.

I only have 29 books waiting to be read...physical books that is. I hope I answered the question correctly.

Just stopping by to say hello and to take a look around.

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Hope you can visit.