Rating system

I rate on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest), but since I only select the good books to share on this blog, the lowest you'll see is a 6. Giving a book a 6 is not a bad thing, as shown by the scale below:

  • 10/10 - One of my all-time favorites! Books that get a 10 are ones that I'll read again and push on everyone I know until they tire of me talking about it. Enthusiastically recommended.
  • 9/10 - A favorite, but not to the degree of a 10. I'll refer back to a 9, if only to read favorite passages and refresh myself about what I love about it. Highly recommended.
  • 8/10 - An excellent book that I highly enjoyed. This is a book that I'll recommend, but won't guarantee that anyone else will like it as much.
  • 7/10 - A very good book that I enjoyed, but not got excited over. I'd recommend this book to readers interested in the subject matter, author, or genre, but not to a general reader.
  • 6/10 - A good book that I liked, but had some things about it that I disliked. Perhaps it's a fun read that I'll forget in 6 months. Maybe it's boring but has something important to say. Whatever the faults, I'll outline them in the review, so you can decide if the flaws are something that would make you dislike the book or if they're something you could easily overlook.