Wednesday, August 11, 2010


The school year is starting this month in the United States. Soon, students will be getting their lists of books for book reports and class-wide reading. Yesterday, I posted a review of Call of the Wild, a popular choice for assigned reading in U.S. schools. For the rest of the month, I'll be continuing this theme by reviewing books and stories that are often read in English literature classes.

For students and parents of student reading this, I hope that by being able to listen as well as read the books that more students would actually complete their assignments. By using audiobooks as a supplement, not a replacement for reading, I think students have a greater chance of actually enjoying the books the read. This after all is one of the goals of literature classes: to instill in students a life-long love of reading that will continue their education long after they've graduated.


More Opinions said...

I appreciate your blog. And the idea of audiobooks for school listening is a good one.

I have been listening to audiobooks for probably over 20 years. And I still read paper books. And I also have a nook.

I turned my wife on to audiobooks a few years ago. Otherwise, she doesn't read ("I don't like to read").

Different strokes for different folks.

Listener said...

Thanks. I still read plenty of both paperback and ebooks too. I think it's much easier to convert a reader of one type of book into a reader of another type than it is to convert a non-reader into a reader. I'll never complain about HOW people are reading as long as they are reading.