Monday, May 16, 2011

Snow-Blind by Katherine Newlin Burt

Source: LibriVox (zipped mp3s)
Length: 3 hours, 37 minutes
Reader: Roger Melin

The book: Having a blog that focuses on free audiobooks can be a challenge - bestsellers and the "hot" books among reviewers are not commonly being offered as free audiobooks. I believe that any challenge is also an opportunity; I've been able to establish a niche where every week I'm writing about books that very few other blogs are reviewing. In this week's case, I'm writing about a book that no one else has even heard of.

Well, that last statement is an exaggeration, since I did listen to it on a recommendation from a commenter at this blog, but look up this book on Google and you'll not find much beyond multiple re-postings of the Gutenberg and Librivox editions in different formats. Many forgotten books are rightly forgotten since they're no good. This book, however, is a find.

Hugh is living in hiding in a cabin deep within the wilderness of an unnamed American mountain range. His quick temper dominates the two who live with him: his younger brother Pete and his cousin Bella. When Hugh brings a blinded young lady in from the snow, life in the little cabin is sure to change. The author writes with great familiarity about the mountains and scores some interesting insights into how our perception of ourselves differs from how others see us. I had zero expectations for this book and was pleasantly surprised. 

Rating: 8 / 10

The reader: Melin reads expressively and clearly. He has a deep American accent that makes for a pleasant narration. The voices are not drastically different from his normal voice, but he changes them slightly to capture the characters. His acting is a bit stilted, but is as good as could be expected from an amateur reader. The recording is clean and well-produced.

(photo by Kris Arnold via flickr. Creative Commons attribution, share-alike license)
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