Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sync audio gives away two more audiobooks this week

It's Thursday, so Sync Audio has released another two audiobooks for free. In what is becoming a pattern, I find one of the books intriguing enough to download, while the other holds no interest for me.

I'll start with the less exciting of the two. The Book and The Crown is a fantasy / romance novel set in an alternate history Europe with magic and court intrigue. According the Goodreads reviews, there's lots of love triangles and illicit sex and YA angst. If that's you're thing, have fun, but I'd rather read something else.

The other book being given away, Sea Hearts (also released under the much better title The Brides of Rollrock Island), sounds like a trip. The novella version of the book won the World Fantasy Awards and the author, Margo Lanagan, wrote the excellent and creepy short story "Singing My Sister Down," so I have high expectations.There's not much I can tell about the plot other than that it involves a witch, magic, seal-girls and revenge. It sounds absolutely insane and wonderful.

Yes, I skipped the audiobook review this week. I'll have one up next week.

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